Your Brothers in Rock 'n' Roll are in the studio again to record the 4th Kamikaze Kings album.


We wrote 14 brand new tracks with our new guitar player Conny.

We love to work with Rowan Smy at his Tricone Studio at the legendary old Funkhaus Berlin. 

At our Facebook page you can see a few photos.


Stay tuned!



What a great event with 3 of our biggest fans: Jörg, Maik & Thomas Gawer.


We made a roadtrip across Berlin. Listened loud (Kamikaze Kings) music, singing and having the time of our life!


Thanks again to all the fans who supported us on our crowdfunding project at Startnext to buy new merchandise.


Here you can watch photos and a video of the trip. Have fun!

Your Brothers in Rock 'n' Roll
Elmo & Rais



This week we shoot a new video to our song Dirty Girl.

It was a wondeful experience and we are shure, that it is going to our best video so far!


A big THANK YOU to our great team: Sabrina, Arne, Julia and Ciprian!


At ther beginning of September the video will be released

HERE you can see photos! Have fun.


Your Brothers in Rock 'n' Roll



Yeah! Looking forward to the next gigs:

2nd June - Don't Panic Essen
4th June - Glad House Cottbus
5th June - Hard Rock 3 Club - Breslau(Wroclaw)


Your Brothers in Rock 'n' Roll





Finally the time has come!

Today we release our third studio album ROYAL RENEGADES!

We are very happy and proud of this album.


So many people have been involved in the making of this album. We thank our producer Jacky Lehmann, our sound engineer Rowan Smy, our booker Frank Vedder, Jost for his vocals on Infernal Bloodbond, Iris for her vocals on Steel on Steel, our record company 7hard, Christine of Pain Inc. and Enno of Enorm Music, Chipster Boo for the amazing cover artwork and photos and Sophie Maaß for the layout.


Most of all we thank our fans, the fans and our families and friends. Thank you so much. You make this band possible. We really appreciate your support.

Rock on, Royal Renegades!

Your Brothers in Rock 'n' Roll!

Infernal Bloodbond (Brothers in Metal) is one of our hardest rocking songs to date and a duet with Elmo's brother Jost (Demonbreed, form. Lay Down Rotten).

Death 'n' Roll at it's best. Our Rock 'n' Roll sound and Jost's guttural Death growls join together as one bloody feast. For the very first time the brothers are united on a duet for an Kamikaze Kings album.


Our brand new video featuring Iris Boanta exklusiv at Metal Hammer now!

Yeah! Our Metal anthem is dedicated to all Metalheads and Rockers.

Thanks for your support!


Steel on Steel is a Track of our new album Royal Renegades, release: 25th March


Your Brothers in Rock 'n' Roll



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